Prince William Sound boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Alaska. Blue glaciers, rainforests of hemlock and Sitka spruce, spectacular waterfalls, sheer cliffs of granite, and tidewater beaches line the coast of PWS. We will build your itinerary together for what adventures appeal most to you!

Whale Watching and Wildlife Viewing

Take a Prince William Sound wildlife cruise and see an abundance of marine and coastal species. Many different species of whales inhabit this area. Orca are seen following the salmon runs, humpback whales create bubble rings to catch krill, and Dahl porpoises commonly surf the bow wave of the boat. Marine mammals such as Stellar sea lions, sea otters, and harbor seals are often seen munching sea critters and fish or resting on the mooring buoy at Shotgun Cove. PWS is a birder’s haven: bald eagles are plentiful among treetops, puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, marbled murrelets, and glaucous-winged gulls are all abundant. Black Oystercatchers are seen on the beaches, and black bears are sometimes seen fishing for salmon or eating berries or kelp on the shores.

Kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboards

Gear up and paddle around Harriman Fjord’s striking icebergs. This glacier is known for its actively calving walls of ice, which is marvelous to witness. Some Prince William Sound kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal with Alaska’s spectacular nature. Explore nearby beaches, like Black Sand Beach and Viewpoint Beach.


There are many hikes with stunning views in Prince William Sound, not to mention the miles and miles of tidewater beaches to explore. Beachcombing is a favorite among friends that we bring out.  An easy 3-mile hike along Coghill River leads to spectacular vistas above Coghill Lake where red and pink salmon spawn. Blueberries and salmonberries may be picked along the way for a mid-hike snack.


We’ll set some lines down to troll for King or Silver salmon or deep water fish like yellow eyed or black rockfish. These fish are always a fun catch, and if you catch then we’ll cook them up for dinner as an amazing and fresh Alaskan meal!


After the pots have soaked in 600-700 feet of water overnight, we’ll pull them up and see what comes up! Usually we’ll get upwards of 2-3 pounds of beautiful, huge, red spot shrimp. Our friends from Maine and New Hampshire call them “baby lobsters”.  A permit for shrimping is required and only available to Alaska residents. Whatever we don’t eat on the boat, we can freeze and ship home for you!

Beach Campfire Cookout

A favorite spot, Pigot Point provides a gentle beach for an Alaskan style cookout! Fabulous views of Passage Canal and Prince William Sound can be seen in all directions. Choose from Alaska Sausage Company’s collection: kielbasa, hot sausage, and bratwurst are our favorites.  Put shrimp on a skewer and grill them up on the fire while basking in the beauty of PWS.

Waterfall Cruise

Right outside Whittier hosts the Three Fingers Waterfall and rookery. With amazing sights of three steep waterfalls and soaring gulls and puffins, this is a quick trip that is sure to amaze. Other waterfalls are hidden throughout Prince William Sound.

Poki Alaskan Cuisine

POKI menus are Alaskan driven, with locally raised produce, seafood and meats.
A variety of produce comes from our local South Anchorage Farmers Market, and we base our meals around what is fresh at the market.
Eggs are provided FRESH by Deckhand Kate’s chickens, ducks and turkeys. Salmon, rockfish and shrimp are harvested locally, and we’ll cook up your catch.
Menus are based on guest preferences and served family style.

Our Menu